Corporate Services

We provide a host of specialized products and services designed to meet stock plan administration needs of businesses worldwide.

Stock Options

Stock option products have proliferated in recent years to include many types of equity compensation products, such as cash and stock-settled Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) and Performance Shares Units (PSUs), among others. AST Equity Plan Solutions’ flexible, parameter driven system coupled with our Client Relationship Management expertise simplifies these complex new grants.

We offer full outsourcing of your records, providing administrative support and maintenance of your data, as well as a wealth of participant services.

Restricted Stock

Awards of Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) continue to be a valued component of equity compensation programs. AST Equity Plan Solutions administers every aspect of these products, from grant, through vesting and sale, including the all-important tax election process.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Your ESPP is a convenient way for your employees to purchase the company’s stock through payroll deductions. AST Equity Plan Solutions offers a complete administration service for both qualified 423 and non-qualified plans.

When you partner with AST Equity Plan Solutions to administer your stock purchase plans, you have access to the most flexible administration services in the industry

Save for Share

Your Save for Share (SFS) or Share Bonus program is a convenient way for your employees to purchase your international company’s stock through payroll deductions. AST Equity Plan Solutions offers a complete administration service for these international offerings. Our services fully support enrollment, the savings contract period and maturity processing. We focus on programs that trade in the local ordinary share and ADRs are not a required part of our processing, but can easily be accommodated.

Holding shares after maturity is also made easy via our S.A.F.E. custodial services. The ordinary shares, which trade on a foreign exchange, can be held in book entry, dividends paid in USD and future desired sales directed from the account.

Administrative Reporting Tool

The core reports that fulfill the most common requirements of stock plan administrators are available through The Reporting Tool, AST Equity Plan Solutions’ proprietary, highly customizable software. The Reporting Tool has many exciting features:

  • Report Scheduler – have reports delivered on any basis you desire- daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly; dynamic roll-forward calendar allowing for scheduling the report once and never having to update again unless your requirements change.
  • Security feature that assigns different information access levels to users within your company
  • Viewable and Downloadable into a variety of formats –HTML, Excel, PDF, Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Customize by adding or removing specific data elements from any of the core reports
  • Ad hoc capability to create unique filters and reports for specific requirements

Financial Reporting Services

AST Equity Plan Solutions provides a powerful reporting platform for your financial reporting and disclosure requirements under the ASC718 and IFRS2 guidelines.

The platform is directly linked to the AST Equity Plan Solutions administration system, which means that grant-specific information is available to quickly calculate valuation parameters - such as expected life, volatility, interest rate and dividend yield - using the platform’s various models or analyzed from your historical data. Assumptions will be used to calculate grant-level or tranche-level fair values using the Black-Scholes or Binomial lattice valuation models.

The reporting platform’s expense allocation method can incorporate the following features:

  • Expense amortized in conjunction to or independently of the service period.
  • Expense accelerated for retirement eligibility
  • Straight-line / Graded Amortization
  • Forfeiture Rates applied by participant groupings
  • Static / Dynamic forfeiture rate
  • Mark-to-Market for liability awards
  • Probability accounting for performance awards
  • Forfeiture rate change
  • Modification accounting
  • Automatic true-ups on Report Date
  • Period close functionality to avoid out-of-period adjustments affecting previously disclosed expense.